Remeber when I said I started this off because I was planning to write everyday? Yeah, that clearly failed.

Needless to say this past week has been beyond crazy, from moving out penniless to coming to Portugal on holidays it’s been absolute madness, spent most of last week working my ass off and crashing at hotels and if I’m honest I still don’t have a ”home” but I realised that maybe that’s okay… And I truly believe everything happens for a reason, this situation can’t be any different.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t give myself the credit I deserve, I’ve survived until now and I can’t let this bump along the road make me lose hope. I’m strong and I’m a badass and everything is going to be just fine.

I’ve also realised that things upset me so much because I’m so lonely, I hardly trust anyone and feel silly whenever I talk about my life, makes me feel like Im being selfish by focusing the attention on me… That’s probably why I still cry myself to sleep whenever anything reminds me of Chris, and trust me – a lot reminds me of him.



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